I'm a puzzle & game designer based out of Los Angeles, California. I focus on creating tactile, responsive games that challenge players' minds.  

My motto is "Fun is never over-rated."




TABLETOP puzzles


Space disgrace

Puzzle Designer. Tabletop Mystery Club, 2017.

Space Disgrace is a multiplayer puzzle board game. Players have thirty minutes to defeat the space communists and escape the soviet planet.


Stolen Impressions

Puzzle Designer. Tabletop Mystery Club, 2016.

A mysterious package from a notorious art thief. Stolen Impressions is a beautifully hand-crafted escape game. 



mastering math

Game Designer & Asst. Product Owner.  Age of Learning, 2017.

A puzzle game for kids ages 4-5. This app teaches players how to count and read numbers. I designed this game alongside world-class educators, including the puzzle master himself: Scott Kim. 



Game Designer.  Disney Consumer Products, 2015.

A playful reindeer nurturing game for kindergartners. Take care of reindeer calves and learn basic health concepts along the way.


Interactive stories


Sole Developer.  Self Published, 2015.

The moon is falling and you can only watch. Moonkid is a game/animation hybrid. You aren't the hero, and you can't influence the final outcome. Inspired by the avant-garde play Sleep No More.



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