A Casual Match-3 Featuring your friends

Crazy Kitchen is a casual mobile game produced by Zindagi Games and Zynga, Inc. In this match-3, you can add your face (and your friend's faces) onto the characters. Serve up cakes, tacos, and sushi to everyone you know in this gem-matching game.


Designing Better Levels, using Data

During my time with Zynga, I built and tuned 124 Crazy Kitchen levels. Like most mobile games, my objective was to increase monetization and reduce churn. Business-speak aside, I also wanted to make the most fun levels I possibly could. 

Looking at player data, I developed hunches on what made the highest performing levels, then aggressively A/B tested them. Zynga's culture was very supportive of this kind of experimentation. Working with data analysts, I was able to validate several of those theories (and discover dozens of others were wildly off the mark). As a result, we saw significant improvements across several metrics.


Double the maps - Double the content

When I joined the Crazy Kitchen team, the game had been on the market for several years and was looking to revitalize its player base.  My strategy was to take the game's level map and split it into two paths, effectively doubling the amount of content each player had access to. When players got stuck on a level, they could switch to the other map rather than putting the game down altogether. 

Crazy Kitchen is available on both iOS and Android. Download it now!



Zynga, Inc.

App Reviews

★★★★★ "Addictive A great way to pass time. Gets more challenging with each level."

★★★★★ "Crazy kitchen It's fun and I love putting the faces of my family on the characters, and playing with them. Sometimes it's funny watching them jump around"



—Designed 124 unique game levels.

—Co-Designed the "Midnight Madness" alternate game map.

—Used live-ops player data to tune and balance levels.