can you escape the soviet planet?

Space Disgrace is a tabletop game for 2-3 players. Working together, you’ll have exactly thirty minutes to discover clues and solve puzzles. Save yourselves before time runs out! 

What's in the Space Disgrace box? (5) Sealed "Puzzle Pack" Envelopes, (1) Top-Secret Starship Manual, (2) Space Disgrace Pens, and (1) Instruction Sheet. Rocket fuel not included.


an escape room at home

I love escape rooms. They're a great way to spend an evening with friends, working together and solving puzzles. The problem with traditional escape rooms is their accessibility: If you don’t live in a big city, you’re out of luck. I heard that all the time. So I set out to create a game that you could play at home that would capture the feeling of an escape room.


no game master needed

One of my goals with Space Disgrace was to keep it light and casual; it had to be easy to pick up and play. There are other escape room kits on the market, but they tend to use heavy padlocks and clunky instruction manuals.  Instead, we created a companion site to accompany the game which could keep time, give instructions, and evaluate answers. This creates a streamlined experience where players can open the package and get playing right away.



Puzzle Design by Mike Salyh

Puzzle Design by Ryan Sandvik

Illustration by Joseph Coleman


Co-designed each puzzle in the game.

Commissioned illustrations and created graphic design assets.

—Laid out, printed, and assembled paper prototypes.

Facilitated playtests at game stores around the Los Angeles area.

—Developed the companion website which keeps time and score.