An escape room unlike anything on earth

Space Squad in Space is a unique Escape Room that I developed for Two Bit Circus in the fall of 2017. The game combines puzzle solving with fast-paced arcade gameplay. 4-6 players take the helm of an experimental spacecraft and must pilot it to safety.


Photography copyright Two Bit Circus


space age Design

Space Squad features six unique "consoles", each with a different screen and controls. Together, the players must discover how to turn them on, fly, and (hopefully) avoid cosmic peril.

One of my design goals with this project was to create a fully replayable experience. Unlike a traditional escape room,  Space Squad is infused with arcade elements, such as health meters and powerups. Combined with a few randomized elements, players have the chance to return to the room again and again.


Photography copyright Two Bit Circus


exploring the space between physical & digital

Space Squad is a unique hybrid of digital and physical play. When designing, I tried to leverage the strengths of both mediums.

To create a sense of immersion and place, I leaned heavily on physicality: prop and lighting design, combined with surround-sound speakers. However, the majority of gameplay is digital, and was developed in Unity. That allowed us to prototype rapidly, and means the room has no cleanup time! If you've ever operated an escape room, you know how time consuming resetting a room can be.

Space Squad in Space will be opening in downtown Los Angeles, spring of 2018, in Two Bit Circus' Micro-Amusement Park. Read more about the park here.

Photography copyright Two Bit Circus

Photography copyright Two Bit Circus



Two Bit Circus


"The set pieces were well crafted and satisfyingly tactile." -No Proscenium



—Designed all gameplay within the escape room.
—Worked with a small team of engineers and fabricators to build out the space. 
—Created UI assets and implemented them in-engine.
—Facilitated playtests and iterated on the design based on feedback and data.