burglary is an art.

You've received a mysterious package from the world's most notorious art thief, Jacques Despereaux. Can you figure out his scheme before another priceless work of art disappears forever? Stolen Impressions is a meticulously hand-crafted puzzle game.


you don't need to be an art historian...

But it wouldn't hurt. 

Stolen Impressions is made up of four puzzles, each based on real art history. You'll need to do some research order to solve them. One of my favorite things about puzzles is how they can make us curious about real world topics. If you can stop Jacques' heist, you'll feel like a genuine art connoisseur.

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lavish attention to detail

Each of the puzzles is wax sealed within an envelope, and hand-crafted using real art materials: charcoal drawings, paint palettes, sketchbooks. Stolen Impression doesn't just look realit is real (except for the impending art heist, of course).

Our goal was to create a game that could double as a work of art. Stolen Impressions was produced in an incredibly limited run, and each copy is numbered and signed by the authors. 



—Mike Salyh, Puzzle Designer

—Ryan Sandvik, Puzzle Designer


—Researched the source material to create the most immersive experience possible.

—Designed three art-history related puzzles.

—Printed, illustrated & hand-assembled each copy of the game.