No sour grapes allowed.

Step right up to this interactive wine tasting experience. Sample four wines and play vino-related minigames using the touchscreens at your table. No sommelier knowledge required, just a healthy appreciation for wine.


Powered by your TASTE BUDS.

Throughout the show, we poll the crowd for their opinions. How much would you pay for a bottle of this wine? Is it more like a tractor or a Ferrari? Then we visualize that data in real-time on stage. It’s a new kind of tasting, where the audience is in the driver’s seat.

Perhaps you think the wine tastes something like this.

Perhaps you think the wine tastes something like this.


Ideal for Date Night

There’s something romantic about wine. When designing this show, I set out to make it a great experience for dates. There is a mix of individual and group questions, alternating between competition and collaboration. This creates plenty of conversation opportunities with low stakes, and your personal preferences on display.



Two Bit Circus

Want to Play?


—Designed gameplay & interactivity for the 45 minute show.

—Programmed Unity interactivity & implemented art assets in the game engine.

—Facilitated playtesting and show operation.

—Drank wine (for research purposes).