Breakfast is served.

Wiffle Waffle is a game all about flinging buttery pastries onto moving plates. Go for the high score while avoiding knives, syrup spills, and other kitchen hazards.

Featuring three playable characters and over 20 levels, Wiffle Waffle is a uniquely satisfying arcade experience.


A tall order

I love the unusual form-factors I get to work with when developing arcade games. Wiffle Waffle is played on a massively tall cabinet, resembling a digital skee-ball machine.

I wanted to put all that screen-space to good use, so I chose target-shooting as the core mechanic. It’s fun to move your eyes up and down, searching for targets; it’s an experience you don’t normally get on a mobile phone or TV.


Cute, but competitive

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of lighthearted and approachable art styles. I wanted to make Wiffle Waffle a (mechanically) competitive game, but keep it approachable to younger audiences and people who don’t necessarily consider themselves gamers.


Where to play

Currently, Wiffle Waffle is exclusively licensed to Two Bit Circus Micro-Amusement Park in downtown Los Angeles.



—Produced the game on a budget of under $20,000 and a 6 month timeline.

—Designed the core gameplay and mechanics.

—Programmed the software using Unity3D.


—A Game by Mike Salyh

—Art & Animation by Gia Park, Leah Artwick, Elise Fachon

—Sound Design by Kaitlyn Isaacson

—Level Design by Tony Jackson

—Music by Kyle Laporte

—Voices by Elizabeth Zharoff, Kate Laura Clarke, John Robert Matz

special thanks

—Brian Handy

—Leah Norod

—Kelsea Blair

—Two Bit Circus, especially the fabulous “D-Fab” Team, who designed and built the game cabinetry.