I'm a puzzle & game designer based out of Los Angeles, California. I build games for arcades, amusement parks, and the occasional cell phone. My goal is to “make the world a more fun place”.



Ticketed Attractions


Game Designer & Developer. Two Bit Circus, 2018.

A 4-6 player Escape Room that combines puzzle solving with fast-pace arcade action.  Now open in Downtown Los Angeles. Read more.

The Wine Tasting Game

Game Designer & Developer.  Two Bit Circus, 2018.

Use your slightly intoxicated senses to taste your way to victory. Possibly the only wine tasting on the planet featuring touchscreens and a scoreboard. Read more.


Arcade games

Wiffle Waffle

Game Designer & Developer. Salyh Industries LLC, 2018.

A buttery game about launching pastries at targets. Played on a bespoke 7-foot-tall cabinet, it’s a uniquely tasty arcade hit. Read more.


King of the Road

Game Designer & Developer. Coin Door Crew, 2019.

Fast-paced, casual racing for up to 8 players. Dodge oncoming traffic, ramp over obstacles, and bump your friends off the road. Read more.


Mobile Games

abc mouse: mastering math

Game Designer & Asst. Product Owner.  Age of Learning, 2017.

A mobile game for children ages 4-5 that teaches early math concepts. I designed this game alongside world-class educators and data analysts. Read more.

Crazy kitchen

Game Designer.  Zynga, 2016.

A casual mobile game where you're the chef and your friends are the customers. I designed 100+ levels and balanced difficulty based on player data. Read more.


Puzzle Games

Space disgrace

Puzzle Designer. Self Published, 2017.

Space Disgrace is a multiplayer puzzle board game. Players have thirty minutes to defeat the space communists and escape the Soviet Planet. Read more.

Stolen Impressions

Puzzle Designer. Self Published, 2016.

A mysterious package from a notorious art thief. Stolen Impressions is a beautifully hand-crafted puzzle adventure. Read more.


flash Games

I started my game development career on back in the day. While modern browsers may no longer support Flash, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for those games. Here are four of my favorites: